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Quality Services from Dynamic Pile Testing Benefit You

PDA Testing

PIT Testing

CROSSHOLE Sonic Logging

Slope Indicator (Inclinometer)
Cone Penetration Testing

Our non-destructive testing methods, PDA Testing, PIT Testing and Cross-hole Sonic Logging, provide quick, economical and reliable test for specification compliance.
That means Profit.

More piles can be tested. You get measurable results in a timely manner. Our testing services help you avoid problems or detect and resolve them early to eliminate expensive remedial repairs. That means Quality Assurance.

With Vibration and Sound Monitoring you can ensure that seismic and noise levels are within the allowable limits. Slope and settlement monitoring help you predict any impending damage so that remedial work can be carried out before structural failure occurs. Projects are kept on course. The value of your investment is protected. That means Success.

ISO 9001 Certified
Quality pile testing
Modern Construction solutions
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