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Settlement Monitoring

A Precise Level and Settlement Markers are used to monitor the amount and rate of settlement of a building or ground over a period of time.

Inclinometer Installation & Monitoring

A slope inclinometer is used to detect and monitor the lateral earth movements in embankments and landslide areas, deflections of retaining walls and piles, and deformations of excavation walls, tunnels and shafts.

The collected data is plotted graphically to show any lateral movements over a period of time.

(Animation of Axis-A & Axis-B graphs tilting over time)

Slope Monitoring using Inclinometer

Pneumatic Piezometer Installation and Monitoring

Pneumatic piezometers are use to measure pore water pressure in saturated soil. In a typical installation, the piezometer is sealed in a borehole. A 256 pneumatic pressure indicator is used to measure the pore water pressure (psi).

Pneumatic Piezometer

Instrumented Test Pile

Instrumented Test pile is conducted by placing Vibrating Wire Strain Gauges into Bored piles. Normally four (4) strain gauges are placed at each level. The number and locations of each level of the strain gauges are dependent on the soil profile and are normally predetermined by the geotechnical consultant. The strain gauges are then tied onto the steel reinforcement with wires coming all the way up to the pile top.

Automatic logging of the strain gauges together with the load cells and Linear Vertical Displacement Transducers (LVDT) are done with a data logger during the entire stage of Maintained Load Test.

A factual report of the data logging and testing will be provided upon completion of the testing. The result will include the resistance at each level where the strain gauges are located for a particular load applied to the pile.

Installation of Vibrating Wire Strain Gauge (VWSG) VWSG tied to steel reinforcement

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