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CAPWAP is the software that models PDA data to determine soil responses. The output result provides:

* Total pile bearing capacity
* Resistance distribution
* Dynamic soil response
* Simulated static load test.

Pile capacity predictions obtained by CAPWAP have been extensively compared with static load tests, with excellent agreement between the two.

Above: CAPWAP maximizes the benefits of your PDA Testing.


The GRLWEAP software simulates pile driving prior to actual pile installation using the WAVE Equation numerical analysis technique. It is the most reliable predictor of dynamic pile driving stresses, hammer performance, and set per blow versus bearing capacity of a driven pile. With GRLWEAP, you can easily investigate if any hammer can safely drive a certain pile to the desired length.

For PDA testing on Bored piles, GRLWEAP must be carried out to determine the hammer weight and drop height to be used.

Above: GRLWEAP Output
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